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Supersonic Aerial Target

Under development is Evader MLG-RAM, a supersonic aerial target that will meet domestic and international demand for a means of evaluating the performance of weapons systems against modern threats. This high speed platform will provide a reusable and affordable solution to the rapidly evolving market of unmanned airborne technology.

Evader MLG-RAM is fully autonomous and designed to replicate flight characteristics of some of the world's most advanced airborne threats. Both Evader MLG-RAM and its ground support system are highly portable, allowing rapid setup and flight turnaround in remote areas. Equipped with variable inlet and nozzle geometry, the ramjet propulsion system is designed to operate efficiently over a broad altitude range at supersonic speeds.

A dedicated Engine Management System controls engine performance and facilitates data acquisition of various parameters during flight. Evader MLG-RAM’s programmable autopilot executes aircraft control, guidance, navigation, and initiates the recovery system at the conclusion of each flight.

An extensive aerial test program is underway to expand the operational flight envelope of the Evader MLG-RAM Supersonic Aerial Target. In developing an airborne deployment capability from a fixed-wing carrier aircraft, Evader MLG-RAM will be able to accelerate through the subsonic flight regime and on to supersonic speed. This eliminates the need for a rocket booster to reach supersonic speed, an operational limitation associated with conventional ramjet propulsion systems.

The Evader MLG-RAM supersonic aerial target represents the high performance potential of the world's fast evolving UAV industry.