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MLG-RAM Propulsion System

Currently in the advanced stages of development, the MLG-RAM Propulsion System is a versatile ramjet engine designed to power the Evader MLG-RAM Supersonic Aerial Target. The robust and affordable miniaturization of ramjet technology is a core focus of the current work at Grollo Aerospace. Its development will satisfy demand for affordable high speed propulsion systems and points to the future of air-breathing unmanned aircraft.

Making use of variable geometry supersonic air inlets and nozzles, it is capable of producing 500 pounds of thrust and delivering efficient flight up to Mach 3 over a large range of altitudes. The unit maintains effective combustion throughout its operational envelope by systems regulation performed by an electronic engine control system developed in-house. With a robust design, the regeneratively-cooled unit can reliably withstand sustained operation over a wide speed range. Extensive use of non-exotic materials and manufacturing processes help to reduce production and maintenance costs and accelerate the development process of the MLG-RAM Propulsion System.